New Patients

NHS: Limited places are available - this varies through the year

Appointments with our Undergraduate students are sometimes available on the Outreach Clinic - the capacity fluctuates and thus cannot be guaranteed.

As part of our commitment to ongoing training and education we have senior undergraduate or post graduate students on placement with us. All students are closely supervised by a qualified dentist and their work is regularly checked. Treatment may take longer than it does with your usual dentist. Any treatment carried out by a supervised dental student, therapist or student hygienist will still incur a normal NHS charge.

We occasionally keep a waiting list for treatments with regular dentists

Private: Immediate appointments often available

These can be early morning or throughout the day with our regular dentists.
Appointments for evenings and weekends can also be arranged

Regular NHS patients have freedom to choose private treatments such as bleaching, white fillings and specialist care.

Please ask about costs as this is often less than you might imagine.

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