Our waiting list is presently closed for new patients. You need to call 111, talk to us about our affordable and accessible private options (There is a £50 charge for private pain treatment) or find a dentist with free NHS places. If you are a regular patient we have seen within the past 2 years please call us on 0114 3990888.

Call us now on 0114 399 0888 or send us an online request. View our NHS and private price list.

Our waiting list is presently closed. You can talk to us about private options or find a dentist with free NHS places

Call us during surgery times on 0114 3990888

Protected pain appointment spaces are available each day and you need to call us at 8.15am. If your dentist Is full you may be offered treatment with another clinician. There are separate charges associated with urgent appointments. If you are in urgent need outside of working hours, please call 111

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