Dental Care

Taptonville House provides a large range of Dental Care through NHS and Private services. This gives opportunity for patients to choose options which are either good, better or best to suit their needs.

Treatments NHS Cost Private  Cost
Examination Limited available sessions.
Band 1 More time is able to be spent by dentists, hygienists and technicians to ensure the best results. £35
Cleaning Provided by dentist and students
Available every six months
Band 1 Provided by specialist Hygienist
Airflow treatment is the smoothest and most effective method of removing stain.
Available as requested.
Fillings on back teeth black Amalgam filling Band 2

High strength amalgam: with superior polishing surface.

Bonded amalgam. Metal fillings are glued in to increase strength and reduce sensitivity   

White In accordance with NHS guidelines - White plastic fillings which require less drilling and provide excellent colour match £80-140
  In acordance with NHS guidelines  - If more strength is required filling can be made out of porcelain. This is often a better alternative to a full crown. £340-450
Fillings on front teeth Standard shades Band 2 Better-quality materials can be used to create life-like fillings to match the rest of your smile with a high-polish surface. £80-140
Crowns Available in standard shades in accordance with NHS guidleines Band 3 High-quality porcelain allows unique shape and colouring of teeth to be matched to rest of smile.
White crowns for back teeth.
Dark lines at gum level can be avoided on front teeth.
Root Treatment Available for teeth with simple uncomplicated roots. Band 2 Provided by hospital specialist under microscope conditions. Filling is completed in 3D after using chemical and mechanical cleaning. £450-600
Extractions Simple extractions Band 2 Provided by Hospital specialist. £80-180
Dentures Standard shades with teeth set up on a simple hinge. Band 3 Natural tooth colours and teeth set up to move in all directions. Confidence in a secure smile. £800
Cosmetic Not available. - Bleaching to reverse the aging process on teeth. £300
Grinding teeth Provision of hard acrylic bite guard. Band 3 Provision of soft bite guard. £90
Implants Not available. - Replacement teeth set into your bone. Amazing results! £2,500 per tooth


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